Cristina Inciarte was born in 1992 in Miami, FL and is an abstract digital painter based in Washington DC. As a second-generation Latina, she draws inspiration from her cultural background and personal experiences. Her work focuses on using color to express emotions and innermost thoughts. Cristina creates her unique abstract compositions in a mostly spontaneous and intuitive manner, with only a color palette in mind to mimic what she calls an "in the moment emotional response." She frequently uses a meditative process to select the colors of a composition and is inspired by a variety of things, such as television cartoons, lyrics to a song, metaphysical philosophy, current cultural events, or everyday living experiences.
In addition to her artistic pursuits, Cristina holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Public Health. Although seemingly unrelated to her art, her educational background has given her a unique perspective that influences her creative process.
Overall, Cristina's work is an expression of her identity, culture, and emotions. Through her art, she hopes to evoke a visceral response in the viewer and create a connection that transcends language and cultural barriers.
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