As an artist, I am inspired by the beauty and colors of the world around me. My creative process begins with a figurative call to capture those colors and translate these colors onto my chosen canvas—the iPad. Colors flash into my mind's eye, sparked by everything from the natural world, like a blooming flower or tree, to the lyrics of a song I've been enjoying lately. Even moments of frustration and struggle can inspire me, as a phrase or idea comes to mind, generating a color palette that captures the emotion of the moment. While sometimes I follow the initial idea that sparks these flashes of inspiration, I often allow my creative process to evolve naturally, recognizing that my art is a collaboration with the universe.

For me, this collaboration is a deeply spiritual experience, as I feel a constant dialogue with the universe about creation. My creative process is a way of honoring that connection and recognizing that creation is an essential part of my being. It feels like the universe hears me and responds by co-creating these moments of inspiration, allowing me to feel something deeply.

From those flashes of inspiration, my art takes shape, moving from my mind to my digital canvas, and ultimately into a physical form. I believe that each work of art is unique and deserving of recognition as an original, which is why every piece is meant to only exist as a 1/1 giclee canvas print.

Through this process, I hope to create art that not only captures the beauty of the world but also serves as a testament to the power of collaboration between artist and universe.
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